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TPP Goalkeeping Statistics Table

We cover 14 cup competitions, 29 leagues and hundreds of shot-stoppers. Our priority is to ensure you get all the information you need with ease; our buttons, dropdown menus, and search bar do just that to give you the best possible experience.

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Goalkeeping Statistics

Goalkeeping stats are a specific yet useful set of stats and can be used for a number of different markets. Our stats table provides a great range of data and everything you’ll need to know about keepers.

In our main part of the table, you can see the amount of saves made by every goalie who played any number of games this season. the ‘Per 90’ button will let you switch to see the average amount of saves made per game.

Our saves-in-the-box data complements our total saves data, providing further details on a goalie’s strengths and possible weaknesses. Punters can take advantage of this information if they spot any opportunities.

The same can be said about penalty saves; some goalkeepers are just penalty specialists and could be a good pick to save a penalty if required; on the flip side, a goalkeeper with a terrible penalty record would be great to bet against.

The best way to get accurate data is to compare and contrast competitions, leagues and players, which can be done efficiently and effectively with the above table.

Goalkeeping Stats Explained

Ok, so you know that goalkeepers are the players with the gloves who can catch the ball in their box, but what else do they do? Well, they do many things; their main goal is to stop the ball from entering their net by any means – be it with their hands, arms, legs or even their face.

The modern goalkeeper’s job is much broader than in the past, and they’ve even become the first creative, offensive force, with ball-playing goalies becoming increasingly important in many teams across Europe.

The stats will help you get a better feel for which goalkeepers are better at what, especially in terms of the number of saves from different areas and situations in a game.

There is an important trade-off to keep in mind when trying to find value – goalkeepers with worse teams face more shots and are likely to make more saves – even if they lose games often. Keep this in mind when betting on clean sheets or on a particular team to win.

Betting using Goalkeeper Statistics

Betting on these statistics is all about finding value in the various markets available. When we think of goalkeepers, we think of saves and clean sheets; these markets are available at many of the best UK bookmakers and are the easiest way to use the page.

If you want to go into more detail, you can find weaknesses in a keeper’s game, such as a low number of saves from outside the box, which suggests that a player with a strong shot from range could score if given the chance.

There are many ways to use the data we collect and by being creative with it, you can ensure that your bets are well informed and based on facts rather than a ‘gut feeling’.

Which Leagues Do We Offer Goalkeeping Statistics for?

Top five Leagues and their inferior divisions

Holland – Eredivisie

Portugal – Primeira Liga

Belgium – First Division A

Scotland – Premiership, League One & League Two

Austria – A-League

Turkey – Süper Lig

Switzerland – Super League

Ukraine – 1. Liga

Norway – Eliteserien

Russia – Premier Liga

Greece – Superleague

Sweden – Allsvenskan

Finland – Veikkausliiga

Brazil – Serie A

Argentina – Premiera Division


Australia – A League

Ways To Use Goalkeeping Stats

As mentioned earlier, our goalie stats are some of the most comprehensive available, and with great depth comes great betting opportunity. You can use these stats for many different betting markets; here are some of the best ways to use our keeper stats page.

Clean Sheets

Goalkeepers who make a lot of saves, especially per 90 minutes, can mean two things: they’re brilliant shot-stoppers, and they get shot at a lot, which is probably due to a leaky defence.

To determine the value of saves stats, you have to balance the number of saves with the number of goals conceded. Clean sheet betting is one of the more common types of goalkeeper bets and can be an excellent inclusion to a bet builder or acca.


There are two sides to a penalty, the taker and the keeper. Some goalkeepers eat penalties for breakfast and are able to quickly predict where a shot will go – hopefully resulting in a save. If you bet on these specialists to save penalties, you can get fantastic odds, even if they’re known for their shot-saving abilities.

Alternatively, you can bet against a keeper saving a penalty if they generally struggle in this situation. Betting on penalties is a bit risky, as there is a chance that a penalty won’t even occur during a match

Scoreline / Both Teams to Score

In this case, goalkeeping stats can be a great supporting act to some other stats, including clean sheets and goal scorer statistics.

If a goalkeeper has particularly good save stats, you can expect a low scoreline. If the opposite is true, you can see a high number of goals and perhaps even a clean sheet for the opponent.

You can bet, for or against, both teams to score, depending on how good the keepers are.

There are countless goalscorer markets, and it is good to keep these statistics in mind. On our dedicated statistics homepage, you will find all the stats you need to bet more effectively.

Goalkeeper Styles

Goalkeeping is truly an art form, and like art itself, there are many different forms and styles, with trends changing all the time. There are some keepers who perfect their style of play, becoming masters at their positions and quite often influence the rest of the world.

Lev Yashin – No discussion of goalkeeping styles can be had without mentioning the Black Spider, Lev Yashin. Widely considered the greatest goalkeeper of all time and the only goalkeeper to win the Ballon d’Or. In the 1950s and 60s, he revolutionised the goalkeeper’s position and introduced much of the athleticism, attacking mindset, and pure shot-blocking ability that we see in all goalkeepers today.

In the modern game, there are three main types of goalies, these are shot-stoppers, ball-playing goalkeepers and sweeper keepers. Let’s dive in, shall we?


What is the main task of a goalkeeper? It’s to keep the ball out of the back of the net. These goalies are masters of the save; they often win points for their teams by keeping clean sheets and making seemingly impossible saves.

This is the more traditional form of goalkeeping, and many of the great keepers of the 80s and 90s employed this style. Even today, there are many top-shot-stoppers who use this style today, two examples are David De Gea and Jan Oblak – Outstanding keepers, but don’t expect them to grab any assists.

Ball-Playing Goalkeepers

Considered to be the best style of play for goalkeepers right now, many of the best goalies in the world are current ball-playing keepers. Their primary focus is still to make saves, but these keepers have an eye for making a quick pass forward – creating a counter-attacking opportunity, while also generally being comfortable on the ball.

These keepers need to be good with their feet and provide the defenders with options for a pass and need to have good distribution themselves. There are tons of examples of this, including Ederson and Alisson in the Premier League, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Marc-Andre ter Stegen and many more.

Sweeper Keepers

Johan Cruyff famously said, “In my teams, the goalie is the first attacker and the striker is the first defender”. Sweeper keepers epitomise this, as they do their best to help in the attacking phase as well. It is one of the most difficult hardest styles of play to master and is an advanced version of ball playing.

They need to be comfortable leaving their penalty area to initiate an attack and get the team moving forward. Perhaps the best sweeper of all time and one of the best goalkeepers ever is Manuel Neuer, who paved the way for the advanced goalie. Other notable players are Edwin van der Sar and Lev Yashin.

Goalkeeper Records

Goalkeepers are an integral part of football; some have even transcended their team to become true greats of the sport. Below you will find some of the records held by the best goalkeepers.

Clean sheet Records

For a goalkeeper, there is nothing more important than a clean sheet. It’s literally the best thing a keeper can do, and some players are very good at it. Here are the best goalkeepers in terms of clean sheets.

Most clean sheets of all time

Most clean sheets in a single season – Top 5 leagues

Saves Records

A brilliant save can be just as important as scoring a goal and are a keeper’s bread and butter. Some saves may even feel as good as a goal – especially when it’s a penalty or a last-minute save that keeps a team in the game. Here are the best goalkeepers in terms of the number of saves they make.

Most Saves in the Premier League Era

*Disclaimer – These are the current records at time of writing and may be subject to change.

Most Penalty Saves of all time

*Disclaimer – These are the current records at time of writing and may be subject to change.

Goalscoring Keepers

Taking the sweeper keeper role to new heights, the keepers on this list are mostly free-kick specialists or their club’s penalty takers – a risky venture, but one that pays off in most cases. It is interesting to note that 10 of the top 15 goalscoring keepers are South American.

Goalkeepers with hattricks, Yup, that’s right – there are three goalkeepers who have scored hattricks in a competitive match. It’s a special achievement for a player, let alone a goalkeeper.

World Cup Goalkeeper Records

The greatest sports competition on Earth, legends are made at the World Cup, and this is true for goalkeepers as well. Here are some of the most notable records from the World Cup.

Most World Cup clean sheets: 10 – Peter Shilton (England), Fabien Barthez (France)

The fewest goals were conceded at a World Cup: 0 – Pascal Zuberbühler (Switzerland). They were eventually knocked out on penalties in the round of 16

Most saves in a World Cup match: 16 – Tim Howard (USA)

Most penalty shoot-out saves: 4 – Harald Schumacher (West Germany), Sergio Goycochea (Argentina), Danijel Subašić (Croatia), Dominik Livaković (Croatia)

Golden Ball winner: Oliver Kahn (Germany, 2002)

Golden Glove winners

The History of Goalkeeping

Football, as we know it today, has changed drastically since its beginnings. New rules, restrictions and standardisation have been constantly introduced to make the sport what it is today. No position, however, has undergone as many changes as that of goalkeeper.

Any player could catch the ball. You read that right! Stemming from its roots in rugby, any player could catch the ball, but they couldn’t run with it. In the 1860s, the goalkeeper was finally introduced, who could catch the ball from anywhere on the pitch. This was eventually reduced to one half of the field and in 1912, to a specific square – the 18-yard box.

With a lot of the major stuff out of the way, the various football associations were able to fine-tune the position and make it what it is today. A major change occurred in the 1930s when a goalkeeper died after being seriously injured by kicks from opposing players. Players were no longer allowed to lift their feet against goalkeepers. in 1931, goalkeepers were only allowed to take four steps in the penalty area to avoid wasting time. This rule is still, more or less, in force today, and not much has changed for another 70 years.

Oh, the nineties, the kits were majestic, the football was brilliant and arguably the most famous ponytail of all time was in its prime. The year is 1992, and two years after the Italia 90′ World Cup, the Danes achieved one of football’s greatest miracles.

Denmark hadn’t even qualified for the 1992 European Championship but was given a spot after Yugoslavia was forced to withdraw. They went on to win the whole tournament, mainly by wasting time – passing the ball back to the goalkeeper for him to pick up. The time-wasting was so blatant that FIFA introduced the back-pass rule – goalkeepers weren’t allowed to pick up the ball after it had been passed to them by their own team.

Five years later, the rule was extended to include the six-second rule, which states that an indirect free kick is awarded if a goalkeeper holds the ball for more than six seconds. Nowadays, this rule still exists, but isn’t really enforced so stringently.

The Best Goalkeepers Right Now

We’ve looked at the history of the position and some of the best players who have made the penalty area their fortress, but goalkeeping is currently enjoying a bit of a renaissance, with many top-class goalkeepers playing on the biggest stage. Here are some of the best current goalkeepers.

Thibaut Courtois – Sensational at Chelsea, there were some doubts about Courtois following a poor start at Real Madrid. Now there are no doubts and he is widely considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world. He was voted man of the match for his heroics in the 2022 Champions League final and got hold of old big ears herself. This season Courtois has made 125 saves, keeping 17 clean sheets in all competitions.

Marc-André ter Stegen – What a season for ter Stegen: Barcelona are finally back at the top of the La Liga table, and much of that success is thanks to the man between the sticks himself. He has played every minute this season, keeping 25 clean sheets in 34 games. Even more impressive is the fact that he has only conceded 13 goals – incredible.

Mike Maignan – Maignan is one of the key players keeping AC Milan competitive and, most importantly, in the semi-finals of the Champions League. After an injury kept him out for the first half of the season, he has come back and is playing some stellar football – keeping 7 clean sheets in 19 games and conceding 19 goals in Serie A.

Nick Pope – Newcastle have changed since the takeover and Eddie Howe was appointed. Nick Pope has proved to be a great signing and is a solid goalkeeper in the box and a tremendous addition to the whole squad. Newcastle have conceded the fewest goals in the league all season (27) and have kept a clean sheet on 13 occasions so far, making 81 saves. Nick Pope has been at the heart of Newcastle’s, so far, successful push for a spot in the Champions League.

Ederson – One of the best sweeper keepers right now, Ederson has continued to push the boundaries of goalkeeping as Man City manager Pep Guardiola continue experimenting with various formations. He has kept a clean sheet 10 times in the Premier League in the 2022/23 season and even contributed in attack with an assist against Brighton. Ederson is an integral part of the squad and is likely to continue to be considered one of the best goalkeepers in years to come.

ThePuntersPage Final Say

Goalkeeping stats are a great addition to a punter’s toolbox as they are a versatile set of data. Our stats page summarises the most important aspects of a goalkeeper’s game, ensuring you have all the information you need to make well-informed bets. Remember, the best way to find value is to do thorough research – check out our other stats pages for a complete overview of what’s going on in the sport.


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