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Bet Manager Tool: Track your Bets

Trying to remember all the bets you’ve placed is often a daunting task. Unless you have a special tool to help you keep track. Looking for something tailor made by punter for punters? This is the perfect bet tracker for you, and the best part? It’s completely free! Read on for more details on how the tool works.

I think the more appropriate question would be, what doesn’t the Excel betting manager offer. It’s a real sports betting money management tool in its essense. The bet tracker is so in depth that you won’t need any other tools for your betting, except maybe a few stats pages.

With this table you can track your bets including minute details such as the betting type, the commission, the bookmaker, whether it was a free sports betting offer and much more

Do you have multiple accounts? Keep track of all your deposits, withdrawals and current balance for every account. If statistics are your thing, you can check out how well you’re doing with charts for profit and losses, stakes and return of investments (ROI).

Finally, the settings page lets you input information which will be used to create drop down menus to make your life even simpler. Once you set up the sheet, you’ll have a lifelong betting companion, let’s look at fine details.

Let’s get to it, there’s a lot of great things to see, but where to begin? Firstly, download the Bet manager tool, and get to know the various tabs. Once that’s done, you can start off by filling in the settings page.

This is your command centre, and all the info here, will eventually be used throughout the rest of the bet tracker. There are seven columns to fill in, all to do with your betting habits. These are:

Sports: Add any sport which you place bets on.Bookmakers: Have accounts on more than one bookie? List all your bookies here. Thinking of creating accounts with other bookies? Check out the best UK betting sites.Bet Types: Enter all the different types of bets you place. For example, 1×2, BTTS and many more, you can write them however you prefer.Tipsters: If you use tipsters, you can add their names here, so you can track how their specific tips are going. These are some of the best tipsters if you’re looking for some. Add your name for when you don’t use tipsters.Leagues: Add all the leagues you bet on and give it a code to shorten it ex. English Premier league to ENG 1.E-Wallets: Add whatever you use to make deposits and withdrawals.Odds range: Add the odds range that you have bet on.

You can add more information to each of these as you go along and place more bets.

You’ve laid the ground work and now it’s time to actually use the bet tracking spreadsheet to record your bets. Head to the ‘Overview’ tab and fill in the 18 rows for each bet. You may be thinking 18 rows?!? But, since you’ve populated the settings page, most rows are dropdown menus so it should take less than a minute to complete.

The main reason to keep track of all this info is to be able to create statistics and information regarding you betting habits. There are certain tabs such as date, odds, stake and payout which need to be added manually and of course, the status of the bet must be added after the outcome of the bet is confirmed.

System Bets

This is similar to the overview page but specifically tailored for system bets, it’s perfect when using system bets, and there are further detailed instructions to get you started on the tab.

One of the most useful pages, the ‘Accounts’ tab tracks all your current betting accounts. This includes the balance, every deposit and withdrawal you’ve done, where the money came from and went to, free sports bet bonuses and much more.

The second table shows you the current balance of each of your accounts based on what you listed on the first table. The third table keeps track of the funds in your e-wallets. That’s right, it’s not just a betting tracker.

The numbers are all compiled into a final table, on the right of the page to let you know exactly how much you’re punting, winning and losing.

A standout feature in its own right, the statistics page compiles all the data you’ve entered and creates valuable information and stats. This could provide clues as to what your best bets and worst bets are, as well as any positive ev betting (expected value betting) opportunities.

You can filter by sports – selecting football will give you all the football bets you’ve placed, and details about it – including a few graphs to display the findings. You can do the same for bookmakers, odds ranges, and more.

The handy tables are used to visually track your profit/losses, stakes, and return of investments (ROI), depending on what you’re searching for.

The bet tracker is versatile, valuable, and most importantly, it’s easy to use. It’s so good, you can call it a casino tracker, an odds tracker or even an ev bets tracker and every name is true. Once you use it, you’ll never stop using it again.

Author: Benjamin Wood